"New Guide Reveals 7 Things You Absolutely Must Know 
Before Purchasing a Pre-Owned Jet..."
"7 Things You Absolutely Must Know Before Purchasing a Pre-Owned Jet..."
From the Office of Verity Jet
Oklahoma City, OK

Dear Friend, 

If you're in the market for a pre-owned jet, this is the most important letter you'll read today.

Here's why:

A client who contacted us some time ago about purchasing his first jet had become quite frustrated.  

He knew buying a multi-million dollar jet would be complicated. 

Nonetheless, Jason was confident in his ability to find a great airplane, and put together a winning deal. 

He jumped on the popular "aircraft for sale" websites, and requested information from several sellers.

But there were inconsistencies.  

For example, Jason couldn't reconcile the huge price swings between two airplanes that appeared almost identical.

His immediate concern was "how do I not get hosed on this deal?"

He had other common questions: 

"Will this jet take me and my family from Maryland to Aspen without stopping?"

"What is an engine program deferral, and why does it matter?"

"When is the next major maintenance event, and how much will it cost?"

"What's the difference between ProLine 21 and Garmin 1000?"

During a desperate search for answers, Jason found our "Jet Buyer's Guide".

Jason's mind was quickly put at ease.  Many of his questions were answered in this 23 page guide. 

Ultimately, Jason engaged us to help purchase his first jet.  And we're pleased to report we saved him hundreds of thousands of dollars.

What's the bottom line?  Simply this: with the Jet Buyer's Guide you will save you considerable time and headache while researching the pre-owned jet market.

And the insight contained in the guide could save you tons of cash. 

That's because the Jet Buyer's Guide is the most comprehensive guide to purchasing a jet ever produced. 

The content was created leveraging nearly 30 years of jet aircraft transaction and operational experience. 

With this guide, you won't need to spend hours searching the internet for information.  We provide key insight you will need when evaluating an aircraft for purchase

At just 23 pages, it's a quick read.  

And, you can use it as a reference while you search for airplanes.

Below is a list of 7 topics inside the guide, and how each will help save you time and money:
Here's What You're Getting
  • How to maximize your budget. Page 7 shares a real world example of how to select the optimal jet based on your travel profile. Additionally, you will discover why to avoid the temptation of buying a larger, older jet vs a newer, smaller jet that accomplishes 80% of your transportation needs. 
  • Engine program coverage options. Pratt & Whitney ESP, Honeywell MSP and Williams TAP are the most common engine programs. JSSI is a popular third party program. The most important thing you'll learn on page 10 is the significance an engine program has on a jet's value. 
  • Costs to consider such as operational, fixed and regulatory compliance of candidate aircraft.  For example, most aircraft are equipped with ADS-B Out. However, if a candidate airplane is not, the cost to accomplish should be accounted for in the aircraft purchase price.  Also, you will need to plan for post-closing down time to complete the modification. 
  • ​Scheduled maintenance intervals,​ timing of major airframe and engine inspections, and why it's important. An overlooked inspection can easily become an un-welcomed and unplanned multiple six figure expense. Page 9 shares an example maintenance scheduled.
  • Damage and corrosion implications​ and how to determine what qualifies as damage. You don't want to pass on an otherwise great opportunity due to a benign repair.  Conversely, damage resulting in a "Major Repair" can have a significant adverse affect on an aircraft's value. Page 10 discusses the difference in detail.
  • Pre-buy Inspection work scope and inspection facility selection tips. As a buyer, you can leverage this information to get a more favorable purchase price, without sacrificing inspection quality.   
  • Legal and tax representation, why it's important to have professional representation, and your broker's role in these matters. Pages 17 and 18 go in-depth on this topic.
Why We're Doing This
We want to create a great impression so that one day you might do business with us again.
Yes, we have aircraft listing and acquisition services that you might be interested in.
We're hedging our bets that you’ll find the guide so valuable, you’ll hire us to help you sell your current airplane, and buy your next. 
Oh, and in case you're wondering ...
We're giving you the guide at no cost, as a means of "putting our best foot forward" and demonstrating real value.
With that said, please know Time Is Of The Essence. 

This offer is an experiment, and if the economics don't work us, we may end the offer, or start charging for the guide.
Here's What To Do Next
Click "SEND ME THE GUIDE" below, enter your information and you will be sent an email with the download link where you can access it.

And rest assured...
Your Information is 100% Safe With Us
We will not spam, sell or share your contact information with anyone. Guaranteed. Communications from Verity Jet are of high value, just like this guide. If you don't find our communiques valuable, simply unsubscribe at anytime. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter, we look forward to hearing from you soon!

Verity Jet

P.S.  If you're like us and just skip to the end of the letter, here's a summary:

We're giving you a free 23 page guide that outlines some of the most important considerations when buying a jet.  This is information we've gathered through nearly 3 decades of buying and selling jet aircraft.

There is no cost, rather we are providing value up front in the hopes of earning your business in the future.

Yes, that's correct.  There's no catch whatsoever.  No trial offers, subscriptions, or spam.

Grab your free copy here. You'll be glad you did.
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